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Angel Investment Tour

27, 28 May 2020
& 11 June 2020

Learn professional Angel Investing


A group of committed Business Angels spend two full days and an evening session on professionalizing themselves as investors. High caliber speakers teach about relevant aspects of investment screening process and share their personal experiences. Partaking Business Angels can put their learnings into practice when joining the screening process of experienced investors and will then have the opportunity to co-invest.


Many novice Business Angels embark on their investing journey with insufficient knowledge about early stage investing resulting in disappointing experiences and poor financial results. This leads to disengagement and therefore loss of a valuable source for innovation funding and coaching by seasoned entrepreneurs. The Angel Investment Tour offers an understanding of best practices in early stage investments. All relevant topics are covered. New knowledge and approaches will inspire and professionalize your investment activities. By partaking in this program you can liaise with like-minded investors and learn from their specific domain knowledge in a professional, engaging and fun setting.

Where and when?

The next edition of the Angel Investment Tour will be organized on 29, 30 January and 20 February 2020 in Amsterdam. The first day starts at 09.00 hours and finishes at 21.00 hours, the second day starts at 09.00 hours and finishes at 17.30 hours. The last session will be an evening session in Amsterdam, starting at 17.30 hours and finishing at 21.00 hours.

Fees and registration

The fee for the two and half day program is € 2,345 (excl. VAT) and includes course materials, lunches/drinks and a dinner on the first day and during the evening session.  For more information or to register mail to

What participants say

Valuable experience! Main and unexpected take away:
investing with a good team is just as important as investing with a good team!
Pieter Paul van Beek, investor participant

The combination of top-notch specialists and investors eager to learn, guaranteed that all relevant ins and outs of angel investments were tabled. I fully endorse the Angel Investment Tour and recommend it for everyone who likes to grow!
Demian Beenakker, investor participant

As a result of the Tour, I am better able to assess early stage ventures and to negotiate investment deals. I am now recognized as an expert in angel investments by counter parts!
Martijn Leenaerts, investor participant

​The most important benefit for me was the building of a network of fellow business angels.
Thomas Desimpel, investor participant

New insights and practical approaches which I can use immediately. Professional speakers & organizer.
Erik Alfarez, investor participant

Extremely valuable training! Inspiring speakers; well-organised. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to professionalise their practice as an angel investor.
Deborah Nas, investor participant

The program day by day

Day 1 (9 am -9 pm)

  • Defining your investment strategy
  • Screening product & market
  • Team assessment
  • Assessment framework early stage investment cases
  • Investors speed dates
  • Diner
  • Super angel story

Day 2 (9 am – 5 pm)

  • Relevant KPIs & metrics early stage ventures
  • Financial due diligence & valuation
  • IP
  • Legal & deal structuring

​Day 3 (4 pm – 9 pm)
Speed dates: investors meet startups and vice versa

  • Post deal management
  • Lead investor/co-lead roles

Selection of speakers

Peter Cowley
Active Angel investor for 10 years who invested in over 60 startups. Selected best Business Angel of the World 2017, President European Business Angel Networks.

Pieter Dorsman
Former banker at UBS, independent corporate finance and investment consultant. Angel investor since 2003, director of investment fund for early stage firms and director Business Angel network in Vancouver. Regular trainer for members of Canada’s national angel organization (NACO).

Alain le Loux

More than 25 years experience in technology, board level positions and since 2008 angel investor. General Partner at Cottonwood Technology Fund.