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Knowledge session HR aspects angel investments

Angel investors fund early stage companies with high growth potential. In realizing this growth, new staff has to be recruited. Talent scouting can be difficult particularly when certain experts are scarce. In addition it can be challenging for an early stage company to hire identified talent as start-ups/scale-ups are generally not able to offer compensation packages similar to large corporates. Options on how to deal with these challenges and how investors can support the staff growth will be addressed.

The second HR topic is on the monitoring of founders: when the start-up is growing, founders have to grow as well while it is generally known that not all founders are able to develop required new skills. In addition collaboration between founders can become more challenging in time. Therefore it is important that investors monitor if the founders are still the right persons at that phase of the venture. We will discuss when and how investors should intervene.

Two presentations of experts will be part of the program:

  • – Annelijn Nijhuis and Vivian Linker, working at Top of Minds – an recruitment agency active in C-level recruitment for start-ups/scale-ups
  • – Sander Vonk, partner at Volta Ventures – a Seed and early stage VC investing in internet and software companies in the BeNeLux


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