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Knowledge session Investing in Artificial Intelligence


News on autonomous driving cars, medical diagnostics and robotics makes us aware that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to transform our daily lives. Deployment of AI can be found in a wide variety of sectors: HR, Education, Real Estate, FinTech, Insurance, Manufacturing, etc. According to MIT estimates, 2/3-rds of new startups are in AI related business.

The dominance of the AI wave is reflected in VC investments. Angel investments is following this pattern. MatchingWINGS recognizes this in practice: in the deal flow for our investor network, almost all startups claim to deploy AI. Sometimes, we get the feeling that startups only want to surf on the halo effect of AI. Therefore it will be relevant that angel investors can distinguish “real transformative AI from cheap wine in attractive bottles” (quote from Ronald Weismann, Board Member American Capital Association).

For this reason we are organizing a knowledge session on A I on the 21st of November. Keynote speakers are professor Deborah Nas, AI entrepreneur Tim Stribos and Rockstart’s AI program director Raymond Alves. The session will be hosted by BDO Accounts and Advisors in Utrecht and starts at 5.30 pm with a light diner. Interested to join? Please mail