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Knowledge session Is it worth investing in robots?

Robotics are in the news on a regular base. Robots promise clear benefits when automating boring routine tasks, dangerous work, or tasks for which hardly resources are available. As a small country it seems that the Netherlands has quite a long track record in robotic developments. Examples in the agricultural sector are for instance milk robots and harvesting robots.

For angels it is not always clear what type of robotic developments fit their portfolio. Time to get an update on the role of startups in this domain and the types of applications in reach for angel investors in terms of investment period and funding size. Further to this, it is also essential to get an understanding of the critical success factors of robotics investment in general.

In the next MatchingWINGS knowledge session (2nd of April 2020),  a broad variety of speakers will provide such insights: Sander Verbrugge (Innovation Industries), Alex van Geldrop & Robbert Jan Kooij (OostNL), Menno Verweij (BDO) and pitches from 3 robotic entrepreneurs: Winfried Rijssenbeek (Drone4Agro), Robin Mennings (SAIA agrobotics) and Jeffrey van den Berg (WiredWorkers). 

Location is at OostNL in Apeldoorn. Interested to join? Please mail us at