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Scale-up Fase

Scale up firms have limited history and cannot show a (financial) track record yet. Solid assesment of product and market characteristics, the founders and firm assets provide insight on potential chances of successful growth.

Professionalizing Business Angels

Business Angels spend substantially less time on screening and due diligence compared to Venture Capital Funds. Business Angels can increase their success ratio through training and engaging in these tasks together with co-investors.

Supporting Business Angel Network

For our Business Angels Network, MatchingWINGS organizes curated deal flow. Subsequently we assist in the investment decision process by managing progress, timelines and information exchange.

MatchingWINGS Angel Network

Access to curated dealflow

Investment cases screened on investment readiness, high quality and growth potential. No specific sector focus, therefore enabling a diverse portfolio.

Teaming with co-investors

Benefiting from complementary knowledge and skills of co-investors. Division of tasks: key responsibilities allocated to lead investor and co-lead. Combined investment amounts increases impact.

Regular dealflow & knowledge sessions

Sharpening knowledge level on topics relevant for angel investors. Networking with like-minded people.

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Professionalization Business Angels

Most Business Angels are entrepreneurs that successfully sold their companies and want to put their money to use. They aim to invest in startups, adding value not only by provision of funding but also in mentoring the firm in its scale-up phase. However, successful entrepreneurs are not necessarily good investors since their role shifts from being in the driver seat themselves towards analyzing at certain distance and providing coaching. To train the business angels, we provide a masterclass on professionalization of the screening process, due diligence criteria and support tools that can be applied in due diligence.


Angel Investment Tour

Learn professional Angel Investing by doing it! In the Angel Investment Tour a group of maximum 20 committed Business Angels spend two full days on professionalizing themselves as investors. High caliber speakers teach about relevant aspects of investment screening process and share their personal experiences. Partaking Business Angels can put their learnings into practice when joining the screening process of experienced investors and will then have the opportunity to co-invest.