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Angel Investment Tour – Grand Finale

On 6th June, the grand finale of the Angel Investment Tour took place. An audience of 100+ people attende this event organized by MatchingWINGS and InsingerGilissen at the office of InsingerGilissen in Amsterdam.

The grand final followed the last of 8 sessions in which a group of 20 people were trained to become a professional angel investor. Part of the program was a joint investment of 100,000 euro for one of the 12 startups partaking in the Angel Investment Tour. Before announcing the startup winning the investment, Prince Constantijn van Oranje – special envoy of StartupDelta – answered questions on the topic of funding of startups. Subsequently MatchingWINGS could congratulate, a startup enabling easy online consumer feedback, with winning the convertible loan. According to investors, has the potential to grow substantially: product serving a mass market combined with an enthusiastic and dedicated team.


About the Angel Investment Tour

MatchingWINGS is organizing the Angel Investment Tour, an executive education program in which knowledge and practices of experts are shared with the investors, accelerating participants understanding of the investment process. The Angel Investment Tour follows the principle of learning by doing, which means that knowledge has to be applied to real life investment cases. For this reason, startups are partaking in the Angel Investment Tour. To reward startups for their involvement, startups can win a joint investment. Each investor participant contributed 5,000 euro; with 20 participants an investment of 100,000 euro became available for one of the startups collaborating in the program.