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MatchingWINGS accredited for Starters International Business vouchers

MatchingWINGS focusses on business angel investments in innovative ventures with a strong growth potential. In most of these cases, the growth will be realized through internationalization. As matchingWINGS we are therefore building cross border angel networks, aiming to attain appropriate support from local investors when such a venture enters a foreign market.

MatchingWINGS is now accredited by the Dutch government as an executive for the Starter International Business (SIB) vouchers.  With the accreditation we can support Dutch ventures with their international growth ambitions with financing from out of the Dutch government. Not only can we (free of charge) support with the drafting of the internationalization roll-out strategy, but also assist in finding appropriate early stage foreign investors. For this we  draw on our extensive network from out of our connections with European Business Angels Network (of which we are an active member).

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