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MatchingWINGS contracts social enterprise Carapax IT

MatchingWINGS has contracted Carapax IT for the extension of its website, back office and the automation of its analysis tools. The planned IT developments will enable MatchingWINGS to serve larger number of customers. Within 2.5 months MatchingWINGS can produce up to 100 venturesWINGS report – in which the investment readiness of ventures seeking funding is analyzed – per month. Automation of the investorsWINGS reports – in which a due diligence of a venture is performed on behalf of investors – is the next step.

MatchingWINGS has selected Carapax IT for reasons of high quality IT software development. In particular Carapax’s understanding of the business needs of MatchingWINGS and subsequent translation into technical specifications formed a solid basis for starting the collaboration. The scope of the contract fits well with Caparax’s interest in data sciences. The development of algorithms that facilitate Internet search and text analysis is considered to be both a very challenging and rewarding activity for Carapax’s developers.

With this contract MatchingWINGS generates social impact. Carapax IT is a social enterprise creating employment for people with autism. People with autism and high quality IT expertise are offered a job in a low-stimulus working environment in which they can function adequately. Hereby Carapax IT is contributing to the challenge of social inclusion.