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MatchingWINGS participating in pilot on business angel research

Market data on investment rounds of early stage ventures provide insight in the relevance of angel investments and funding by other parties such as VCs, Regional Development Agencies and public funds. For this reason MatchingWINGS is systematically gathering data on investment deals in the Netherlands. In recent data we observe more sizeable investments (+1M euro) by angel syndicates. Recently the European Business Angel Network (EBAN)  initiated a pilot to harmonise and enrich angel market data of its members. The pilot will be executed in collaboration with Hockeystick, a Canadian firm that gathers market data & insights about funding of growth companies. Hockeystick registers and analyses the data of national angel associations in the US and Canada (ACA and NACO).

The pilot results will be presented during EBAN’s Winter Academy on 25-26 November 2019 in Brussels.