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New member MatchingWINGS team

We are proud to announce that a new member will strengthen our MatchingWINGS team. Marius Veenker is co-founder of MatchingWINGS and will fulfil MatchingWINGS CTO position on an interim basis. Marius will supervise the development of MatchingWINGS IT infrastructure and data sciences tools. Hereby playing a key role in realizing the FinTech ambitions of MatchingWINGS.

Marius gained 30 years of entrepreneurship experience in his position as CEO of an IT & technology company. Marius has also, since 1988, been an active Business Angel investor within Business Angel networks such as Investeerdersclub and Ventulizer. He regularly coaches ventures in their funding process (i.e. at Suikeroom, a Dutch private equity organization). Marius is a certified supervisory board member.