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Smart funding

Not all investors willing to provide funding are the best choice: select those investors that can provide - besides the financial resources - also other relevant support.

Efficient fundraising process

Investment readiness speed up the investment process and enable you to get back to your operations quicker.

Improve roadmap for growth

Identification of weaknesses and suggestions for potential remedies, increases the chances on successful growth.

Investment readiness support

Venture Documents Analysis

MatchingWINGS developed a tool in which the investment readiness of ventures is checked. MatchingWINGS analyzes the documents that the venture intends to provide to investors, i.e. business plan, information memorandum, growth roadmap, financial statements or other supplementary documents.

Additional market data validating your business plan & business case

MatchingWINGS developed algorithms to find relevant information from external sources such as market size figures and information on the competitive landscape.

Applying science-based evaluation framework

Information from these documents is analyzed using a framework of assessment criteria derived from scientific research. The framework lists those characteristics of the product, market and team that are identified in scientific research as predictors of successful scale up firms.

In-depth insight of the strengths and weaknesses

A structured and solid check of those predictors provides an in-depth insight of the strengths and weaknesses of the venture and flags missing information. Ventures can use this information to strengthen their business plans and add other essential information

Suggestions for growth roadmap

MatchingWINGS provide suggestions for remedies to strengthen identified weaknesses.

Determine for Business Angel investment readiness

When ventures are investment ready, they can be brought in contact with relevant angel investors.

More information


Investment readiness

During pitch events and while supporting Business Angels, we observed that many ventures requesting funding are not ready for an investment round. When Business Angels are enthusiastic after the first contact, ventures should be prepared to follow-up and provide additional information next to the teaser or pitch deck. Particularly growth plans should detail how a market position should be captured and extended. Without this information, investors will not step in. No successful matching will take place, the valley of death remains!


Starter International Business coaching

MatchingWINGS is accredited by the Dutch government to coach startups in their international business scaling. Startups with high growth potential will in general need external funding to realize their growth ambitions. In addition, internationalisation will be required to extend the growth beyond traction in the startup's home market. MatchingWINGS coaches startups in the internationalisation process. Together with the entrepreneurs growth ambitions will be translated into concrete actions and an international roadmap. Next relevant investors in target countries will be selected and meetings arranged. MatchingWINGS provides contacts with foreign investors able to provide ‘smart funding’: investors that not only provide the financial resources but also support the launch in the investor’s home market.